Non-Profit Premier Youth Football & Cheer Program in Hunterdon County New Jersey

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Fundraising is a necessary function for all youth volunteer organizations and the HBAA (High Bridge Athletic Association - Hunterdon Huskies) is no exception.  We rely on all families to help in this regard to make the organization the best it can be.  General fundraising efforts allow us to keep the registration fee at a reasonable level, allow for the purchase of high-quality, safe equipment, and help cover high general costs.  There will be mandatory fundraising during the season and additional fundraising activities may be necessary to achieve our future goals and playoff/competition expenses.

A message from your Treasurer when collecting funds:
-Please write individual checks for individual fundraisers.  Do not write one check, combining fundraisers.
-Bounced checks will be deducted from end of year fundraising checks.  If returned funds are later collected by the member who sold the sponsorship or fundraiser, we will then pay them out accordingly.   

2018 Nationals Fundraising Programs

All cheer participants are to participate in Organizational National Fundraising, regardless of whether or not you choose to Opt-In to or Opt-out the Cheer National Fundraising Program.

  • Organizational National Fundraising is a coordinated effort with all teams who are in contention for Nationals, and obligations include:  2 canning shifts requirement, and strong support of our Clothing Drive
  • Participation in the Cheer National Fundraising Program is Optional. If you choose to participate – you will receive a Nationals Reimbursement check (timing is Feb 2019), but you must meet the minimum requirements identified below. If you choose NOT to participate, you will not receive a Nationals Reimbursement check.

To qualify for reiumbursement in the Cheer National Fundraising Program you must meet the miniums for both (A) Cheer and (B)  Team Sponsor Poster below:

  • (A) Cheer – Required - You must do at least one of the following, and meet the minimum requirements - doing both/selling more than minimums increase the amounts of your Reimbursement checks. 

Thanksgiving Pies - Sell 15 Pies minimum or Wild Tree - $60 dollar in sales minimum

  • (B) Team Sponsor Poster - Required -  Each participant required to get a minimum of 3 corporate, business, or family sponsors (see rules below) 
  • Individual Fundraising is optional and only available to those participating in the fundraising program (Cheer & Team Sponsor Poster)

Giving Bean Coffee - 40% profit in person - 25% profit online


How does Reimbursement work? 

  • Checks will be cut after Nationals – distributed at the 2018 Banquet. The 2018 Banquet is in February 2019. 
  • This means you are fronting all travel expenses related to Nationals (airfare, hotel, meals, etc) for your cheerleader. 
  • The base amount of your fundraising check is the amount your cheerleader’s Team earned on her Team Fundraiser (Team Sponsor Poster), as well equal pro-rata share of profits earned on Pies and Wild Tree
  • Giving Bean (coffee & tea) is an individual fundraisers and only available to those who choose to participate in the Cheer Nationals Fundraising program and therefore fully participating in Cheer & Team Fundraising. 
  • If you sell Giving ean – your individual profit will be added to your individual reimbursement check. We track everything. 
  • If you sell individual fundraisers and your team does not advance to Nationals – your profits go to Huskies general account.

Cheer National Fundraising Program

Thanksgiving Pies - Orders/money due by 11/6 to Team Lead 

  • See attached Flyer - $16 each, Apple/Pumpkin/Cherry/Mince/Pecan/Food Pantry
  • Click here for copy of order form
  • Cash or Check made Payable to HBAA; *if you are paying for someone's order, it is your responsibility to collect payment later (late collection checks should then be made out to you if you covered it)
  • **Any orders missing money after the due date, will not get processed.  Please double check your orders along with amount collected before turning forms/payment in on time.
  • Click here to order online [online ordering is now closed]
D10 Team Lead - Jill Rechowicz
D12 Team Lead - Tricia Charbonneau
D14 Team Lead - Chris Rush

Wild Tree - **EXTENDED TO 11/23 AT 5PM

  • Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher products sold as Family Meal Kits (perfect for busy families) as well as individual products to enhance any meal
  • Product is shipped directly to your customer - you don't need to touch an order form!
  • The link can be shared on Facebook or in an email blast to sell beyond the state of NJ - the perfect time to ask for support from far away friends and family who can't purchase a pie!

SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE TEAM! All teams selling the same products.

D10 Team Lead - Jill Rechowicz
D12 Team Lead - Tricia Charbonneau
D14 Team Lead - TBD

Coffee - (Individual, Optional) orders due by 11/6 to Team Leads

  • Coffee, Teas, Cocoa with Organic options, K-cups - all coffee is roasted-to-order and arrives fresh! Click here for product list
  • Click here for copy of order form
  • Cash or Check made Payable to HBAA; *if you are paying for someone's order, it is your responsibility to collect payment later (late collection checks should then be made out to you if you covered it)
  • **Any orders missing money after the due date, will not get processed.  Please double check your orders along with amount collected before turning forms/payment in on time.
  • For online orders, remind your customer to enter the athlete's name at checkout (for sales tracking)
  • To send an email, just include the Huskies link
    For Facebook, go to the welcome page link above, click the Facebook icon to send an appeal to friends.  Another great way to campaign for support from far away friends and family!

D10 Team Lead - Jill Rechowicz
D12 Team Lead - Kerri Akers
D14 Team Lead - TBD


Sponsors Poster - Sponsors due by 11/19 to Team Leads

D10 Team Lead - Tom Davis
D12 Team Lead - Staci Campolattaro
D14 Team Lead - TBD

Provide your Sponsor Forms and checks (payable to HBAA) to your Team Lead By 11/19!

How it Works -- Master Sponsor List 
Each athlete who Opts In to the Cheer National Fundraising Program, must secure 3 sponsors (more is better).  
IMPORTANT -- Master Sponsor List was emailed in excel AND PDF 
  • Potential sponsor companies can only be sought after by one athlete:
  • Returning families who Opted In last year will see their names attached to the same sponsors from last year to solicit again this year.
  • If you are NEW to the Fundraising Program this year -- you will see lots of companies available.  You will see there were some who supported our program last year, but who do not have an owner this year.  Please review the open names and advise at least 3 companies that you plan to solicit. 
  • ALL -- To request an open sponsor, please email me to inquire if it is still available BEFORE soliciting the business. I will reply as quickly as possible, and then once you receive confirmation that it is still available, you can solicit the potential sponsor.  
  • Please note that if you do solicit a Sponsor who is "owned" by another athlete -- that athlete will get the credit for the sponsorship.
  • If you have a potential Sponsor that you would like to add that is not on the list, please email me, and I will add to the list. 
  • If you are assigned a business that you do NOT plan to solicit, please let me know that as well, so that someone else can pick up the name. 
Attached are the necessary forms (check your email for the spreadsheet):

Please have the Sponsor complete the form and return with payment -- be sure spelling is correct, and handwriting is neat!

Some Sponsors may say that they do not donate monetary items, but they will provide an item for a Tricky Tray. In these cases, please do accept those items, and turn them in to your Team Leads as well. We will use them at our banquet in February! You will still need at least 3 Sponsors who contribute to the poster however. 

Upon receipt of all sponsor order forms and checks (by 11/19) -- we will design our Team Sponsor Posters,  1 for each qualifying National team. It takes us a little while to design and set the posters perfectly, so that they are ready to go before teams leave for Nationals (they are printed immediately after Nationals). If at Big East Regions, any of our teams do not qualify for Nationals -- we will reach out to those teams' opt-in families, to see if those sponsors would like to sponsor a different team, or not. 

After Nationals, we will use a Nationals photo and print the Sponsor Poster. You will be given 1 Sponsor poster for each Sponsor you secured, along with a draft of a Thank You Letter. You are to give one to each of your Sponsors as a Thank You! 

Organizational National Fundraising



Please click this link to sign up for a shift for Organizational Canning for Nationals. (Please note that each cheerleader is required to can 2 shifts, whether or not you opted in or out for the team and individual fundraising program.)  

If a shift if not available on the webpage, it is filled

Saturday, 11/17/2018

Please ensure that you do not sign up for a date/time slot that conflicts with cheer practice or competitions.
There are signup slots for “athletes” and “parent/guardians’ for each location, by shift. When you login to your Hunterdon Huskies account you can use your login to select an athlete and/or parent/guardian volunteer shift and it will credit your family account. There's a 2:1 ratio for supervision children for each time slot. If you want to stay and the parent slots are filled, feel free to stay. If you want to can with another family, please reach out and discuss offline, there is no option to see who signs up online for privacy purposes. 
Please decorate and bring a can for each athlete. Be creative with Huskies name/logo boldly displayed.
Please bring a ziploc type bag and permanent marker - each canning shift should place their collections in ziploc bags and write the location, time slot and names of the athlete who canned on the bag. The bags will be collected periodically, minimally at the end of the last shift. There is no need to count the money - it is not safe to do so. We will track and make visible how much was collected.
For each location, the 1st shift should let a manager/customer service know that we have arrived, and last shift should let them know we are leaving and thank them.
Note that cheerleaders should be in full uniform, with Huskies jacket, gloves, hat, pants, etc as needed, when they are canning. Football players should wear their jersey.
At least 2 athletes and 1 adult should be at each entrance & exit. Please do not leave athletes unattended; at least 1 adult should be with them at all times. The sign-ups are designed with a minimum 2:1 ratio of athlete to adults. Remember safety first - do not wander around the parking lot and stay back from the curbs.  
While canning, SMILE and POLITELY ask for a donation to support for the Huskies journey to Nationals in Florida. Thank everyone, wish them a nice day, even if they do not donate.
If you have any questions at all or need to change your shift please text Kim at 201-320-3194 or email
**If for any reason you cannot cover your shift last minute, please reach out to a member of your cheer or football team to cover so we have full support on the shift. 
Thank you for your effort and participation!
If you have any problems siging up please email or text 201-320-3194 for assistance.

Clothing Drive

Strong support of our Clothing Drive (recommended that you collect 10+ donated bags from any source – friends, neighbors, yourself; and that you share this flyer on social media.

PLEASE TEXT QUESTIONS TO SAM MILES: (973) 970-4235 [add subject: Huskies Clothing Drive]

Click here to download copy of the flyer below as pdf

Click here to download copy of the flyer below as jpg