Non-Profit Premier Youth Football & Cheer Program in Hunterdon County New Jersey

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Football Equipment Checklist


Issued by Huskies

  • Helmet with chin strap
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Home Game Jersey
  • Away Game Jersey
  • Game Pants with built in knee pads and belt

Required for Purchase

  • Mouth Guard (recommend having an extra, player cannot go on field without one)
  • Compression short, pant or girdle with padding to wear under game pants 
  • Practice pants with built in pads (thigh, hip and knee)
  • Compression shirt with rib pad (or compression shirt with integrated chest/rib/back padding) or compression shirt with rib spine back pads combo
  • Jockstrap and Cup (or just cup if wearing with integrated pants/girdle)
  • Football Socks for Games/Practice (black across all teams?)
  • Football Socks (Novelty - Pink in October, coaches will advise)
  • Water Bottle (squirt bottles are helpful so kids can hydrate with helmets on)
  • Small bag (something to protect their phones and carry smaller items)


  • Gloves
  • Slide sandals after kids take off cleats
  • Skull caps to keep hair out of eyes
  • Small towel for after practice


About Football Equipment:



  • Helmets should be re-certified every year by an approved reconditioner, or discarded after three years of use
  • Helmets need to fit properly, examined for damage before each use and worn with an approved mouth guard
  • The chin strap, jaw pads and face masks should be adjusted to fit
  • The helmet should be cleaned with water only and should not be painted or otherwise altered
  • A helmet should not be used if the face mask is bent more than one-eight inch, rusting, or loose
  • Helmets should never be used to butt, ram, or spear an opponent because of the risk of catastrophic injury
  • Players are taught proper tackling and blocking techniques that do not involve leading with their helmet
  • Helmets should not be shared with other players
  • Generally, linemen have a more durable cleat that gives ankle support and skill players have a lighter cleat that allows faster running

Game Jerseys:

  • Suggest tucking in pants so opponents cannot grab onto them

Neck collars/Neck Roll: 

  • Neck collars are often worn by linebackers and defensive lineman for whiplash protection

Jockstrap and Cup: 

  • Athletic supporters and protective cups are mandatory

Mouth Guard: 

  • Mouth guards or "mouth pieces" not only protect the wearer's teeth and jaw, but may provide some protection against head injuries such as concussions. The mouth piece must be worn at all times during play. 

Thigh, Hip and Knee Pads

  • Thigh pads are the largest leg pads and protect the thighs from collisions. Knee and hip pads as well as elbow pads cushion blows to those specific areas
  • Integrated girdles and pants are made of lightweight, breathable material and are designed to keep players cool

Shoulder Pads: 

  • Shoulder pads come in two types, cantilevered and flat. Cantilevered pads are larger for players on the offensive and defensive line and linebackers who receive more direct collisions. Flat pads are used mainly by quarterbacks and receivers, as they are smaller and restrict movement less


  • Receiver gloves aid in catching the football, particularly during cold weather
  • Lineman gloves have more padding and help protect of all parts of the hand